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Our Dorms

Jungle River Lodge has two dormitories. Both dormitories have different beautiful aspects that make them individual and unique, forming a budget and comfort dormitory style. Do you want to wake up with a beautiful view of the jungle and river or enjoy more comfort and space? We offer both! 


Budget Dorm

Sleeps 6

Jungle-inspired rooms with open windows that reach to the roof and are only closed by mosquito nets. Makes a great view over the jungle mountains and river. It has a bathroom next to the room with a cold water shower. 

Price: USD 18.85 (19% taxes included)

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Comfort Dorm

Sleeps 14

A spacious and bright room divided into three separate areas. This division makes the rooms seem cosier but still large. There are two bathrooms with cold water showers. The room has lockers for everyone.

Price: USD 18.85 (19% taxes included)

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