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White River Rafting in Honduras

The Cangrejal River in Honduras is the perfect setting for an adventurous activity like White River Rafting. The river's banks border the Pico Bonito National Park on one side and the Nombre de Dios National Park on the other. As the river's waters originate in the beautiful and rugged Nombre de Dios mountain range, it also has a steep gradient. This speeds up the water on its way towards the Caribbean Sea. Furthermore the particular geology of the area has produced huge rocks sometimes even of the size of a house. These are scattered in the riverbed and form small waterfalls and rapids that are ideal for this activity.  

 The most common is the section downstream from the municipality of El Naranjo, which consists of class III-IV rapids. This is the most popular section of the river and offers a lot of excitement. It triggers a high level of adrenaline in participants, yet is so safe that no previous experience is required.


Our White River Rafting Tour

Half Day Rafting Tour Class III-IV Rapids

leaves 9:30 am and 1 pm | 2-3 hours | Spanish and English | 45 USD incl. tax 

We offer daily rafting tours at 9:30 am and 1:00 pm for a minimum of two people. If you are traveling alone, still make a request as other people may have already signed up for the tour. We will meet at our place at Jungle River Lodge to get ready with our equipment. Then we will drive a short distance in our funky jeep to the first spot. We do a rafting tour in the safer area with class III rapids starting in the area of El Naranjo. At the beginning you will climb and swim through the local favored Cangrajal River to get to the starting point of the rafting. Thereafter, you will start the White River Rafting. The tour lasts 2-3 hours in total. Our local guide speaks Spanish and English. 


"The rafting at jungle river lodge was one of our favourite experiences of our trip yet ! Our guide Juan Carlos is amazing at what he does and makes the experience unforgettable. He made it really fun and immediately made us feel at ease as we’ve never done white water rafting before! We first did some bouldering and swimming in the river and then rafted down the river afterwards, always making safety a priority too ! I didn’t feel comfortable jumping off the higher rocks but there was never any pressure to do it all and just do what we’re comfortable with. I would definitely recommend doing the rafting at the jungle river lodge!"
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