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Jungle Hikes

Half Day Jungle Hike

leaves 8 am | 4-5 hours | Spanish and English | 25 USD plus tax 

From Jungle River Lodge we walk downstream through a cocoa grove and cross the river at a low point. From there, our bilingual certified naturalist guide will lead you along unmarked trails into the dense jungle. The guide will explain the medicinal values and uses of the plants and insects you find along the way. At the first waterfall, the group takes a break and takes a refreshing dip in the deep pools. From there, we continue uphill to the base of El Bejuco, our 300-foot waterfall aptly named "The Vine". We stand in the stream of the waterfall and swim in the pools, enjoying the view. The tour takes us back to the river, where we walk along the banks of the Cangrejal back to Jungle River Lodge, where the tour ends. After the hike you will be welcomed with a snack.

hike huide.jpg

Overnight Jungle Hike and Camping

10:00 am | 2 days /1 night | 158 USD incl. tax or 3 days /2 night | 285 USD incl. tax | Spanish and English

This hike, like the half-day hike, leads to the El Bejuco waterfall. Instead of turning around, however, we continue to the top of the waterfall, a total of 3 to 4 hours. Afterwards we have dinner and spend the night there.  From the camp you will experience one of the most breathtaking sunsets. The equipment (tent, two guides, sleeping mat and bag, food and water) is included in the price. You are surrounded by nature and can therefore fall asleep to the sounds of the jungle. The next day we have breakfast together and then make our way back to Jungle River Lodge. There is the option to hike further up the mountain before returning. This can be decided at that time.  

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