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Our Restaurant

We have a small restaurant on site that offers delicious meals including breakfasts, lunches and snacks. Our menu includes Honduran dishes, vegan and vegetarian dishes, and some international specialties. However, we live in a disconnected jungle, so sometimes we have to limit ourselves to certain dishes. We have a bar with ice cold beers, delicious cocktails, guititi and have natural juices, smoothies and topollillos. The food is prepared by local staff who do their best to satisfy all needs. 

For dinner we always have a daily special. Since we source locally and seasonally, we don't always have a set menu. We always have a vegan/vegetarian option available. Dinner is ordered in advance by all and served to all guests at once. This gives it a family dinner atmosphere.


We do not have a communal kitchen nor storage for food so we request guest do not bring food or drinks, especially since having these in rooms attracts jungle critters and crazy ants.

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